Yogic Meditation Workshop


Avalon Community Centre, 1 King Street, Glastonbury BA6 9JX
Sat 10th Nov 10am – Sun 11th Nov 4pm

The little gem of Glastonbury, The Avalon Community Centre, has a very special and unique atmosphere over 30 years of meditation, yoga and shamanic work. Set in a peaceful part of Glastonbury, the centre is within 2 minutes walk of the main street.

The Centre is non residential but there are several lovely B & B’s nearby (info on request).

The focus of this weekend will be the deeper aspects of yoga: pranayama (breath techniques) to calm the brain and the yogic approach to meditation.

Jenny’s expert guidance will lead you to peel away the outer protective shell of ego which keeps us bound to only a physical reality. Learn how to pull your awareness back from the senses to the astral body as a vehicle of Light. We will also be exploring karma, how we can stop incurring karma and how we can transcend the karmic wheel of birth and rebirth. Practice will revolve around optional asana (physical yoga), pranayama, yogic meditation, yoga philosophy, mantra & chanting.

“The joy felt in meditation reveals the presence of Eternal Joy spread over all creation. The light seen in meditation is the astral light from which our tangible creation is made. Beholding this light, one feels a unity with all things.” 

Paramahansa Yogananda

Cost £80. £40 non-refundable deposit upon booking. Full balance payable by Fri 19th Oct.

Saturday Morning:
Registration 9.40 for a 10am start.
The morning session will be a focus on breath-work: by changing the pattern of the breath, we can consciously change the brainwaves into longer slower rhythm for meditation. Jenny teaches an easily achievable toolbox of breaths and charts the inward path away from external or internal distractions.

Lunch break 1-2pm.                                                                                                                     

Saturday Afternoon:
Jenny introduces chanting as a method of retraining mental focus and the deeper use of Sanskrit seed sounds, followed by meditation on the astral spine and key chakras finishing at 4.30pm. 

Saturday evening (optional)
Yoga class with chanting 8-9pm.

Sunday Morning: 10am start.
Following from the teaching of the previous day, Jenny deepens the meditative focus on withdrawing awareness from the physical to the astral body. Teaching will focus on the 3 modes of nature (gunas) which keeps us bound to the wheel of birth and rebirth, and learning to consciously identify when we are acting through these. Lunch break 1-2pm. 

Sunday afternoon:
There will be a shorter session after lunch on Sunday to allow time for travel, finishing at 3.30pm.

There will be plenty of opportunity for quiet reflection in and around the centre. There are plenty of cafes for meals within 2/5 minute walk. Please wear comfortable clothing and soft shoes for indoor use, plus a yoga mat. You may also wish to record teaching sessions, eg:  phone on flight mode.

For recommended  B&Bs within Glastonbury, contact avaloncentre@hotmail.com or call Howard or Elsa Malpas on 07977 935633.

Workshop Leader:
Jenny Light is a yogi of 50 years, inspirational speaker and leader, and author of ‘Divine Meditations: 26 Spiritual Qualities of the Bhagavad Gita’ (Mantra books Jan 2019 or www.living-lightly.co.uk) & her autobiographical self-help book,‘Living Lightly: a journey through CFS (ME)’. Jenny had a kundalini awakening at 5 years old and has a depth of clarity and wisdom apparent to all who meet her. She teaches yogic meditation courses in Glasgow & online.


To book your place get in touch with Jenny:
Email: jenny@living-lightly.co.uk – Mobile: 07801751244 –  Website: www.living-lightly.co.uk